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The Diary: Intern Project

Updated: Feb 24

(Photo: Brixton market in the 1970s)

For those of you who have an interest in archiving photography, I hope to give you an insight into some of the work we are doing behind the scenes. We recently had an intern join us to gain some experience as a creative assistant. Internships are always a great way for someone to explore a collection and learn what areas of the creative industry they want to pursue in the future. Neil has a lot of images online that have been shared from booked and photographed by exhibition visitors but there seem to be a few that continue to spark conversation. 

So our intern worked on a mini project reviewing digital content online that related to Neil’s work. An area of archive and collection management that is often overlooked is the extensive research that is required.  Although the photos are over 40 years old, their stories continue to develop as they become cultural and historical records. This highlights the role that time plays in the value of photography and why it is important to keep exploring a photo.

One of the things learned while overseeing the internship project, is that you never know what element of the archive will have an impact on someone. Our intern was not familiar with this period of photography or history before joining us but they left the project with new interest and a desire to learn more about Black British history. 

The journey continues until the next time.


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