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Neil's Historic Contribution to Broadcasting 

Media Pioneers 

In the 1980s Neil became interested in broadcasting and had a vision of using the power of radio to reach the black community. He began campaigning for an FM licence and in 1990 he became the co-founder of Choice 96.9FM radio, the UK's first and only black, commercial 24-hour radio station.  


The station quickly became the home of black music in the UK, promoting Reggae, R&B, Gospel, Jungle, UK Garage, Soca, Hip Hop and Afrobeats music and events. During its 23-year tenure, it also supported numerous black-owned businesses as well as trained many media professionals.

Broadcasting history

As a founder and executive director he won numerous media and business awards. Then in 2021, the station was recognised for its innovation and was awarded an English Heritage Blue Plaque to mark 30 years since launch. The plaque was mounted on the wall of the first Choice FM office building in Brixton, South London.  

Throughout his career, Neil launched and consulted for various stations across the UK, Nigeria and other countries in Africa. He continues to support the radio industry and was awarded a radio station licence in 2020, which serves local communities. 

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