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Neil’s images are featured in exhibitions, films, projects and publications, educating and inspiring audiences in the UK and internationally. Below are some of the ways you can engage with his work. 

Talks and presentations 

We deliver talks, presentations and workshops to educate audiences about various topics using images from the collection.

Exhibitions for hire 

We offer exhibitions for hire to organisations and groups who want to bring Neil’s work to their audiences.


We support the work of students and researchers by allowing access to images from the collection to assist with dissertations, publications and other projects.

Education packs

We support organisations who work with archive content. We issue image licences for television, film, publications, digital content and other projects. 

Loaning work for exhibitions

We loan work from the collection to galleries, museums and other organisations to display at their exhibitions worldwide. 


We produce and contribute to education packs and other resources for schools, educational organisations and groups, using images from the collection.

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