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About Neil

Neil Kenlock, photographer and media professional has been living in London since he came to Britain from Jamaica in 1963, to join his parents.

He was a professional photographer for the first twenty years of his working life, specialising in fashion, beauty, celebrities and the cultural lifestyles of black people in the UK. In the late 60s and 70s, he took photos of the UK Black Panther movement and also documented demonstrations and anti-racism protests across the UK. He is well known for his photo of racist graffiti at black women's training centre Balham, south London,  titled ‘KEEP BRITAIN WHITE’.

Kenlock was also the staff photographer for the West Indian World newspaper, the first national paper to target the black community. In 1979, he co-founded Britain’s first black, glossy, lifestyle magazine called ROOT, until 1987. Kenlock later went become a co-founder of Choice FM, the UK’s first radio station broadcasting to the black community.

“Neil Kenlock helps us to better understand the story of London’s black communities and to appreciate the huge artistic and cultural impact they have had on all our lives. He is a significant photographer whose work documents a key chapter in London’s post-war life.”

Mike Seaborne, former curator of photographs at the Museum of London.

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