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ROOT Magazine

Neil's Historic Contribution to Publishing

ROOT March 1983 Black Power Birth of the movement.jpg

Black British lifestyle

Over the years Neil has published several publications for various audiences, both in the UK and internationally. In 1979, he launched ROOT, the first glossy, lifestyle magazine that represented the diverse black British population of the era.

Culture and politics

ROOT covered a range of current affairs topics, as well as interviews with influential black people in politics. It also featured celebrities on the cover, including Diana Ross, Sinita, President Shagari and Queen Elizabeth II.

ROOT 1981 President Shangari and The Queen 2.jpg
ROOT May 1984 Diana Ross - Rastafari.jpg

Publishing experience

Neil worked at several print houses on Fleet Street and was also a freelancer for the West Indian World newspaper. It was these experiences that inspired him to create ROOT, a magazine that represented his community. 

Creative skills

Based in London's West End, ROOT was a training ground for both aspiring and seasoned professionals in the media. Each edition showcased the work of talented black models, writers, photographers, designers and creatives.

root march 2.jpg
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