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  • Emelia Kenlock

The Diary: Jamaica

Updated: Feb 23

Welcome to another archive diary entry! This month we have been reviewing a small selection of Neil’s work that was taken in his home country Jamaica in 1975. The series of photos were captured during a trip that he made for an international conference and other events.

Photographs of Jamaica

Each photo we view is even more fascinating as memories are uncovered. For example, we looked at some photos of huge corporate buildings, which Neil described as representing the ‘new Jamaica' of the 1970s. He pointed out that it was important that those who left the island in search of work and a new life before the wave of city development, were able to see how much Down Town Kingston had changed. They would have been surprised by the new high-rise, shiny glass buildings and impressive luxury hotels. Neil said he was on a mission to show them that Jamaican architecture could compete with the best in the world. Today Down Town Kingston is still known as the buzzing financial district, although things have evolved. Another photo we discussed was of an old  European church, which was both a place of refuge for its worshippers and a reminder of the country's colonial history. All the photos told an interesting story that we will continue to explore.

Until next time. 




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