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  • Emelia Kenlock

The Diary: Images and Education

Student Research Requests

We work with a range of students throughout the year, many of whom incorporate his work into their dissertations or use interview content to explore concepts and ideas. Neil has always found power in telling stories through the lens and sees his photographs as a way to continue to educate others. This is something that he is passionate about.

We always receive interesting requests and enquiries about the work. We've even had students from PhD students, who were searching for images that could help support their end-of-year projects.

Photography and Educational Publications

Another way the archive has an impact on students is through educational publications. Every year Neil's work is published in several online and print publications, that are used by educators, students and researchers. The archive often licenses images to university publishers and other educational organisations who use the images as part of their curriculum and black history programmes. The type of images used range from political activism to inspirational leaders such as the first black Mayor of Hammersmith and Chelsea Randolph Beresford.

Some images from Neil’s collection are featured in his HLF Expectations Legacy Project education pack shown above. This is a useful resource for students and groups of all ages to learn about their history through the lens.


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